OMB Super Circular Training in Dallas

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July 20 and 21, 2017
Dallas Addison Marriott Quorum by the Galleria
Dallas, TX (Hotel deadline is July 5!)
Intensive, Two-Day OMB Super Circular Training Opportunity

Attend “Managing Grants under the OMB Super Circular” in Dallas, Texas, on July 20 and 21, 2017, to learn about the latest developments affecting grants management and how to manage grants effectively under the Uniform Grants Guidance (a/k/a the Super Circular) while avoiding common compliance issues.

The requirements of the OMB’s Uniform Grants Guidance (more commonly called the “Super Circular”) create challenges throughout the entire grant life cycle, and these challenges continue to evolve along with the Super Circular.  Effectively managing your grants requires not just knowledge of the Super Circular but also an understanding of how the Super Circular’s rules affect each phase of the grant life cycle.  This special, two-day training in Dallas will explain for you the Super Circular’s key requirements at each point in the grant life cycle from beginning to end.  In addition, the training will go beyond the basics to address common problems encountered by grantees and how to avoid them as well as the effects of recent legislative, policy, and legal developments on grants management practices.  Regardless of whether your organization is a direct grantee, pass-through entity, or subrecipient, you must know and follow the latest rules and requirements under the Super Circular to remain in compliance with funding source expectations, avoid enforcement actions (including termination of your grant funding), and enjoy a healthy grant life cycle.  By attending the Super Circular training in Dallas on July 20 and 21, you will learn how to navigate the Uniform Grants Guidance to better manage your grants and avoid costly compliance problems.

This special two-day training will explain the Super Circular’s key requirements throughout the grant life cycle, from the pre-award phase to performance to close outs and audits, plus everything in between.  The topics that you will explore include the following:

  • Major rules that you must follow under the Uniform Grants Guidance (Super Circular);
  • Administrative requirements under the Super Circular, including:
    • Fiscal management requirements;
    • Internal control standards;
    • Payment requirements;
    • Property management standards;
    • Revised record retention requirements; and,
    • Changes to funding source remedies;
  • Procurement requirements and challenges in implementation;
  • Requirements for making and managing subawards;
  • Unified cost principles under the Super Circular, including:
    • Direct costs;
    • Indirect costs;
    • De minimis indirect cost rate; and
    • Specific items of cost;
  • Time and effort reporting requirements;
  • Requirements of the Federal Awardee Performance Integrity and Information System (FAPIIS);
  • Funding source remedies and enforcement actions;
  • Closing out grants and recent developments affecting the close out process;
  • Single Audit Act (Subpart F) audits, reporting, and resolution under the Uniform Guidance; and,
  • Common compliance problems and how to avoid them.

The conference will discuss these topics and more to provide you with the information that you need to stay in compliance with grant requirements.  You will also have ample opportunities during both days to ask and get answers to your Super Circular and grants management questions.


In-Depth: Mastering the OMB Super Circular 2016

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March 31 and April 1, 2016
Residence Inn San Antonio – Alamo Plaza
San Antonio, TX
Detailed, Two-Day OMB Super Circular Training

You are probably aware that the major Federal grant awarding agencies have issued regulations to implement the Office of Management and Budget’s uniform guidance for administrative requirements, cost principles, and audits for Federal grants, which includes amendments made by the OMB for 2016.  The guidance (commonly called the “Super Circular” or “Omnicircular”), and the Federal agency implementing regulations, provide a new framework for managing Federal grants and subgrants.  Despite the goal of uniformity, the OMB’s final guidance contained differences from earlier versions, and Federal grant awarding agencies included deviations from the OMB’s version of the Super Circular in their implementing regulations.  In addition, since issuing the so-called “final” guidance, the OMB has made amendments to the Super Circular for 2016.  All non-Federal entities (pass-throughs, grantees and subrecipients) need to understand this new framework and conform their own policies and procedures to the current versions of the Super Circular and awarding agency implementing regulations to remain in compliance with Federal requirements.  By attending this conference, you will receive in-depth explanations of what the Super Circular and the awarding agency implementing regulations mean for Federal grantees and subgrantees so that your organization can remain in compliance with grant requirements.

Over the course of two days in San Antonio, you will learn about the Super Circular (Omnicircular) and implementing regulations in detail, including: 

  • Changes from the proposed OMB guidance to the final guidance and amendments for 2016;
  • Differences between the previous administrative standards and new standards under the Super Circular, including:
    • New procurement and property management standards,
    • Changes to fiscal management requirements,
    • New internal control standards,
    • Revised records retention requirements,
    • Changes to closeouts and later adjustments, and
    • Changes to funding source remedies;
  • Revisions to the cost principles, including:
    • Changes to treatment of indirect costs,
    • Changes to specific items of cost,
    • New requirements for personnel costs, and
    • Prior approval requirements;
  • Changes to Single Audit Act (formerly Circular A-133) audit requirements under the OMB Super Circular (Omnicircular);
  • Differences between the OMB’s version of the Super Circular and awarding agencies’ implementing regulations for the Super Circular (Omnicircular); and,
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about the Super Circular (Omnicircular) and its implementation.

The conference will discuss these topics and more to provide you not only with the detailed information necessary to understand the requirements of the OMB’s uniform guidance (the Super Circular) and the Federal awarding agencies’ implementing regulations but also the information necessary to update internal policies and procedures to comply with the current grant requirements in 2016.

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