Eastern Grants Forum in Philadelphia

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August 16 and 17, 2018
Philadelphia, PA
Special OMB Uniform Grants Guidance and Cost Principles Training

Attend the Eastern Grants Forum 2018 in Philadelphia on August 16-17, 2018, to learn how to comply with the Uniform Grants Guidance (a.k.a. the “Super Circular”) and how to charge costs to your Federal grants and subawards the right way.

Avoid costly mistakes with your federal grants and subawards by registering today and attending the Eastern Grants Forum 2018 in Philadelphia from August 16 through 17, 2018.  The Office of Management and Budget’s Uniform Grants Guidance (better known as the “Omnicircular” or the “Super Circular”) contains complex rules that dictate how grants are managed and how grant funds can be spent.  These include administrative requirements, procurement standards, cost principles, and audit standards.  Failure to follow these key grants management rules can result in enforcement actions ranging from disallowances to termination of your grant funding and can even lead to criminal prosecution.  However, not only can the Super Circular’s requirements be difficult to understand and to implement, but the requirements also regularly change with amendments to the Uniform Grants Guidance and the passage of new legislation.  When you attend the Eastern Grants Forum 2018, though, you will learn what you need to know about the Uniform Grants Guidance’s requirements (including an expanded “Cost Principles Deep Dive”) to satisfy current grants rules and prevent problems with your grant funding.

The Eastern Grants Forum 2018 will explain in detail the Super Circular’s key provisions, including the administrative requirements and the single audit standards, to help you better manage your grant awards and subawards.  This year’s edition of the Eastern Grants Forum will also take a special, deeper look at the cost principles and procurement standards under the Uniform Grants Guidance.  Topics to be covered during the two-day grants training include:

  • Administrative requirements under the Uniform Grants Guidance;
  • Unified cost principles under the Super Circular;
  • General rules for cost allowability;
  • Meaning of reasonableness, necessity, and allocability, in relation to costs;
  • Direct and indirect cost fundamentals and negotiation of indirect cost rates;
  • Changes affecting indirect costs (including the de minimis indirect cost rate, requirements for subawards, and extension of current rates);
  • Procurement rules and the relationship to the cost principles;
  • Special rules for allowability of specific items of cost (including facilities, equipment, and capital expenditures);
  • Time and effort reporting requirements;
  • Employee welfare costs (including the transformation of “employee morale”);
  • Treatment of travel-related costs and best practices for travel policies ;
  • Allowability of training, conferences, and similar costs;
  • Prior written approval requirements;
  • Major exceptions to the cost principles;
  • Effects of recent developments in grants management;
  • Audit standards under the Uniform Grants Guidance and the Single Audit Act;
  • Combatting fraud, waste, and abuse in grant-funded programs; and,
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about grants management.

In addition to learning about these topics and more, you will also enjoy multiple question and answer sessions across both days of the conference to ask and get answers to your individual questions about the Super Circular, direct and indirect costs, and grants management generally.  Register today and make your plans to join us in Philadelphia on August 16 and 17, 2018, for this special edition of the Eastern Grants Forum, featuring a detailed “Cost Principles Deep Dive,” as well as discussions of administrative requirements, procurement rules, and audit standards.


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