Super Circular Training & Cost Principles Deep Dive in Seattle

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April 5 and 6, 2018
Seattle, Washington
Special OMB Uniform Grants Guidance and Cost Principles Training

Learn how to manage grants under the Uniform Grants Guidance (a.k.a. the “Super Circular”) and take a closer look at direct, indirect, and specific cost issues, by attending this special “OMB Super Circular Training & Cost Principles Deep Dive” edition of the Western Grants Forum in Seattle on April 5-6, 2018.

Get answers to your questions about the OMB’s Uniform Grants Guidance (better known as the “Omnicircular” or “Super Circular”) during this exclusive “OMB Super Circular Training & Cost Principles Deep Dive” edition of the Western Grants Forum in Seattle.  The Uniform Grants Guidance has detailed requirements, including cost principles, that govern the management and spending of grant funds.  Failure to follow these rules can lead to costly disallowances and repayment of funds and even loss of your grant funding.  Grant-funded organizations (whether direct grantees, pass-throughs, or subrecipients), therefore, need to understand and adhere to the Super Circular’s requirements.  However, these requirements can be difficult to navigate, and not only did the Uniform Grants Guidance include many changes that grant-funded organizations are still discovering, but the Super Circular has continued to evolve with additional changes since the so-called “final” version was issued.  By attending the unique “Super Circular Training & Cost Principles Deep Dive” edition of the 2018 Western Grants Forum on April 5 and 6, though, you will learn everything that you need to know about the Super Circular’s administrative rules, audit standards, procurement rules, and cost principles, to comply with current grants requirements.  You will also get answers to your nagging questions about grants management and the Super Circular.

During this special, two-day training, you will learn about the Super Circular’s key requirements.  You will learn about the administrative requirements, audit standards, cost principles, and procurement rules, and how they relate to one another.   As part of the training, you will also take a unique “Cost Principles Deep Dive,” to learn more about indirect, direct, and specific costs, and what expenses you are allowed to charge to your grants and subawards.  The topics that you will explore include the following:

  • Administrative requirements under the OMB Super Circular;
  • Unified cost principles under the Uniform Grants Guidance (Super Circular) and issues encountered in navigating the revised cost principles;
  • General rules for allowability;
  • Meanings of reasonableness, necessity, and allocability;
  • Direct and indirect cost fundamentals and negotiation of indirect cost rates;
  • Changes affecting indirect costs (including the de minimis indirect cost rate, requirements for subawards, and extension of current rates);
  • Procurement rules and the relationship to the cost principles;
  • Recovery of facilities costs;
  • Equipment and other capital expenditures;
  • Limitations on allowability of specific items of cost;
  • Time and effort reporting requirements;
  • Fringe benefits and employee welfare costs (including “employee morale”);
  • Treatment of travel-related costs;
  • Cost of insurance, losses, and claims;
  • Allowability of training, conferences, and similar costs;
  • Prior written approval requirements;
  • Exceptions to the Uniform Grants Guidance’s cost principles;
  • Effects of recent developments in grants management;
  • Audit standards under the OMB Uniform Grants Guidance (Super Circular);
  • Fighting fraud, waste, and abuse; and,
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about the cost principles.

This “OMB Super Circular Training & Cost Principles Deep Dive” edition of the Western Grants Forum in Seattle on April 5 and 6 will discuss these important issues and more to help you successfully navigate the Super Circular’s rules and stay in compliance with grants requirements.  In addition, you will also have multiple opportunities throughout both days to ask and get answers to your individual questions about grants management under the cost principles and the Super Circular generally.