Grants Management Update and OMB Super Circular Training in New Orleans

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December 7 and 8, 2017
Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton New Orleans Convention Center
New Orleans, LA (Hotel deadline is November 6!)
Exclusive Annual Federal Grants Training Opportunity!

By attending this two-day conference in New Orleans on December 7 and 8, 2017, you will learn about the OMB Super Circular’s major requirements, recent changes to the Uniform Grants Guidance, and other important developments affecting the OMB Super Circular and Federal grants management.

Are you up-to-date with the latest developments affecting Federal grants management and the requirements of the OMB’s Uniform Grants Guidance (a.k.a. the “OMB Super Circular”)? Grants management rules continue to evolve and failure to keep up with these changes can result in serious compliance problems for your organization and even loss of your grant funding.  Attend the annual Federal Grants Management Update and OMB Super Circular Training in New Orleans this December 7-8 to make sure that you understand recent changes and that your grants remain in compliance with current requirements.  In addition to learning about the latest developments in grants management, you will also learn about the OMB Super Circular’s most important requirements and explore hot topics in procurement, time and effort reporting, and audit readiness, that continue to cause problems for grant-funded entities of all types.  Whether your organization is a direct grantee, subrecipient, or pass-through entity, this exclusive, two-day training will help you keep up-to-date on Federal grants requirements under the Super Circular while preparing for the challenges that await the Federal grants community in 2018.

During this exclusive two-day training, which features an updated curriculum for 2017, you will learn about recent developments in grants management and how these changes, including amendments to the OMB Super Circular, affect all grant-funded entities and what your organization should be doing to prepare for 2018.  Topics that you will explore include the following:

  • Recent changes to the OMB Super Circular (Uniform Grants Guidance);
  • Impact of recent legislation as well as court decisions and administrative actions on Federal grants management;
  • Administrative requirements under the Super Circular and challenges in implementation;
  • Procurement standards under the Super Circular, recent changes affecting procurement standards, and common problems in implementing the new standards;
  • Time and effort reporting requirements under the Super Circular;
  • Personnel cost issues and common problems under the Uniform Guidance;
  • Navigating the requirements of the Super Circular’s unified cost principles;
  • Single Audit Act (Subpart F) audits, reporting, and resolution under the Uniform Guidance;
  • Revisions to the Audit Compliance Supplement and how to prepare for your next audit; and,
  • What grant-funded organizations should expect in 2018 and the steps to take now.

This year’s Federal Grants Management Update and OMB Super Circular Training conference will discuss these topics and more to provide you with the understanding of the Super Circular’s major rules and the latest information about Federal grants management that you need to stay in compliance with grants requirements.  You will also have ample opportunities to ask and get answers to your Super Circular and grants management questions.


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