OMB Super Circular Training in Boston Area

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March 28 and 29, 2017
Boston Marriott Quincy
Quincy, MA (Boston Area)

A new year and a new administration mean changes for Federal grants management.  Attend the OMB Super Circular Training and Federal Grants Management Update in the Boston area, on March 28 and 29, 2017, to ensure that you not only understand the fundamentals but are also up-to-date on the latest developments affecting grants management.

Grants management and the requirements of the Office of Management and Budget’s Uniform Grants Guidance (better known as the OMB Super Circular) continue to evolve.  More changes are expected in 2017 as a new administration takes office.  This updated, two-day training covers both the fundamentals as well as recent developments that you need to know to stay in compliance with grants requirements.  The training will cover the major requirements of the Super Circular for those new to grants management or wanting a refresher but goes beyond the fundamentals to explain recent changes and related legislative, legal, accounting, and policy developments for both new and experienced grants professionals.  By attending the OMB Super Circular Training and Federal Grants Management Update 2017, you will learn not just about the major requirements and recent changes in the Super Circular but also about current developments in grants management and how these developments will affect grant-funded organizations in 2017.

During this special two-day Boston-area conference, you will learn about the Super Circular’s key requirements and recent changes, challenges in implementing the Uniform Guidance, and related developments in Federal grants management for 2017 and beyond.  The topics that you will explore include the following:

  • Key requirements under the Super Circular (Uniform Grants Guidance) and amendments;
  • Impact of recent court and administrative decisions on Federal grants management;
  • Recent legislation addressing issues in grants management;
  • Administrative requirements under the Super Circular and challenges in implementation;
  • Procurement and property management standards under the Super Circular, changes affecting procurement standards, and common problems in implementing the new standards;
  • Requirements of the Federal Awardee Performance Integrity and Information System (FAPIIS);
  • Requirements for risk management in the award and management of grants and subgrants;
  • Unified cost principles under the Super Circular and issues encountered in navigating the new cost principles;
  • Time and effort documentation;
  • Single Audit Act (Subpart F) audits, reporting, and resolution under the Uniform Guidance; and,
  • Revisions to the Annual Audit Compliance Supplement.

In addition to discussing these and other important grants management topics, the OMB Super Circular Training and Grants Management Update 2017 will discuss the future of the Uniform Grants Guidance and the direction of grants management under the new administration.  Throughout both days of the conference, you will also have multiple opportunities get answers to your Super Circular and grants management questions.