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Head Start Environmental Health and Safety Institute

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February 23 and 24, 2016
SpringHill Suites by Marriott
Las Vegas, Nevada
Exclusive, Two-Day Head Start and Early Head Start Training Institute

Not only have health and safety issues been leading causes of deficiencies for Head Start and Early Head Start programs over the last several years, the emphasis by the Office of Head Start on environmental health and safety shows no sign of weakening.  The transition to five-year grants has brought additional terms and conditions focused on health and safety and the new aligned monitoring system retains a keen focus on environmental health and safety (including facilities) issues.  Meanwhile, best practices continue to evolve, and the Office of Head Start has proposed new health and safety Performance Standards that would give greater weight to those best practices.  Our exclusive, two-day Institute in Las Vegas looks at the areas most likely to give rise to findings, deficiencies, and other issues, and explains what your Head Start or Early Head Start agency can do to avoid environmental health and safety problems.  The curriculum for the Head Start Environmental Health and Safety Institute has been completely updated and revised for 2016 to help your program play it safe and stay out of the recompetition pool.

During the two full days of the Institute, you will explore important Head Start and Early Head Start environmental health and safety topics (including facilities-related issues) in detail, including:

  • Common, critical environmental health and safety problems resulting in deficiencies and recompetition that your program must avoid;
  • How your program can provide safe environments for classrooms and centers applying the Head Start and Early Head Start Performance Standards and best practices;
  • Ensuring that your playgrounds are safe;
  • Implementing and integrating Caring for Our Children into your program;
  • Having a successful environmental health and safety review under the new, aligned monitoring framework;
  • Understanding the Life Safety Code and its relationship to your program;
  • Health and safety issues outside the facilities context (including child supervision and appropriate discipline);
  • Environmental health and safety issues for non-center-based program options;
  • Fulfilling safe transportation requirements;
  • Understanding and preparing for the proposed changes to health and safety requirements under the new Performance Standards;
  • Important non-safety-related facilities issues that your program cannot afford to ignore; and,
  • Effectively addressing environmental health and safety issues.

The Institute will discuss these areas and more to arm you with the critical knowledge about environmental health and safety requirements and best practices needed to operate a high-quality Head Start or Early Head Start program.  You will also have multiple opportunities to ask and get answers to your individual questions about Head Start and Early Head Start environmental health and safety.

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