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Head Start Fiscal Fitness Institute

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March 19 and 20, 2015
Residence Inn Arlington Capital View
Arlington, VA (Metro Washington, DC)
Exclusive, Two-Day Head Fiscal Management Training in the Washington, DC Area

Start the New Year with a resolution to ensure that your Head Start or Early Head Start program is fiscally fit.  The Office of Head Start has long been concerned with fiscal management, and, as part of the transition to five-year grant cycles, OHS has placed special emphasis on sound fiscal management.  Because of recent concerns over audit quality, OHS has been paying extra attention to fiscal management, and fiscal monitoring is still a key component of the new aligned monitoring system.  The recent implementation of the OMB Super Circular for Head Start and Early Head Start programs has also brought additional attention to fiscal management.  In short, strong fiscal management is more critical than ever for Head Start and Early Head Start.  Programs that want to avoid findings, possible recompetition, and costly disallowances must ensure that they are and remain fiscally fit.

This special conference is dedicated to ensuring that Head Start and Early Head Start programs achieve and maintain fiscal fitness.  Over the course of two days, the conference will explore Head Start and Early Head Start fiscal management issues in detail, including:

  • Common Head Start and Early Head Start fiscal management findings;
  • Fiscal monitoring under the new Head Start aligned monitoring system;
  • Procurement and inventory management;
  • Issues with match and program income;
  • Changes to required internal control standards under COSO and the Green Book;
  • Prevention of fraud, waste, and abuse, in Head Start and Early Head Start programs;
  • Implementation of the new OMB Super Circular and the impact of the Super Circular on Head Start and Early Head Start;
  • Audit oversight issues and Single Audit Act audits under the OMB Super Circular; and,
  • Recent real-world examples of fiscal management issues and how they were (and should have been) addressed.

The institute will discuss these topics and more to provide attendees with the critical information about Head Start and Early Head Start fiscal management needed to get and stay fiscally fit.  There will also be extensive opportunities for attendees to ask questions about Head Start and Early Head Start fiscal management issues.

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