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Fundamentals of Federal Grants Management

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October 14 and 15, 2014
DoubleTree Hotel Orlando (Downtown Disney)
Orlando, FL  (Walt Disney World Resort)
Exclusive Two-Day, Small-Group Conference

Effective leadership of a grant-funded entity involves both the governing body and the management team and is essential for any grant-funded entity’s success.  Effective leadership of a grant-funded entity, in turn, is rooted in a solid foundation in Federal grants management.  That foundation is shifting, though, with the Office of Management and Budget’s issuance of new uniform guidance for administrative standards, cost principles, and audit requirements for Federal grants.  The OMB’s  uniform guidance (which is commonly called the “Super Circular” or the “Omnicircular”) provides a new framework for managing Federal grants and affects both grantees and subgrantees.  Leaders of grant-funded entities (whether recipients or subrecipients) need to know the requirements of the new Super Circular, but knowledge of the Super Circular (or Omnicircular) is just part of Federal grants management and of the knowledge needed to lead a grant-funded entity.  Leaders of grant-funded entities also need to know about the legal basis and underpinnings of Federal grant programs, effective legal and financial controls and compliance programs for grant-funded organizations, and the major policies and procedures that a successful grant-funded entity should have in place. Fundamentals of Federal Grants Management will provide leaders of grant-funded entities with the information and the foundation that they need to succeed.

The Fundamentals of Federal Grants Management conference will provide the essential information that members of the governing body and management team must know to lead their organizations and efficiently manage their Federal grant awards and subawards, but with an important difference.  The two-day Fundamentals of Federal Grants Management Conference is unique in that it presents this essential information about Federal grants management in a small-group setting at a human-scale hotel in Orlando.  Conference registrations are strictly limited to better ensure a learning environment that allows for personal interaction and access to the speaker as well as better networking opportunities for attendees.

Over the course of two days, the conference will explore the fundamentals of Federal grants management in detail, including:

  • The legal and regulatory underpinnings of Federal grants and the distinctions between grants and other forms of financial assistance;
  • Changes to the structure of the OMB grants management guidance and the reasons behind the changes under the new OMB Super Circular;
  • Differences between the existing and new administrative standards in the OMB Super Circular (including the new procurement and property management standards and changes to records retention requirements, closeouts and later adjustments, and funding source remedies);
  • Revisions to the OMB’s cost principles under the Super Circular (including changes to the general cost principles and the specific items of cost);
  • Changes to the audit requirements under the OMB’s new Super Circular;
  • The importance of establishing a culture of compliance and ethics;
  • The on-going shift from simple compliance to performance and the effect on grants management;
  • The role of appropriate legal and fiscal controls within a grant-funded entity in the prevention of fraud, waste, and abuse, and the consequences of fraud, abuse, and mismanagement to the organization and individuals involved;
  • Essential policies (including conflict of interest and record-keeping policies) and compliance obligations; and,
  • The roles and responsibilities of governance and management and how those within the governance structure and on the management team can fulfill those roles and responsibilities.

The conference will discuss these topics and more to provide attendees with the essential information needed to effectively lead grant-funded entities while meeting their funding sources’ compliance and performance expectations.  There will also be extensive opportunities for attendees to ask questions about Federal grants management.

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