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OMB Super Circular Fundamentals

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September 9, 2014 (Tuesday)
Beau Rivage Hotel
Biloxi, MS
Full-Day Live Workshop

The Office of Management and Budget recently released its new uniform guidance for administrative requirements, cost principles, and audits for Federal grants, and the Federal grantor agencies currently are working to implement the new guidance by the December deadline.  The guidance, commonly called the “Super Circular” or “Omnicircular,” provides a new framework for managing Federal grants and subgrants. Grantees and subgrantees need to understand the Super Circular’s framework and will need to make conforming changes to their own policies and procedures.  This full-day workshop will explain what the Super Circular means for Federal grantees and subrecipients. The workshop will discuss the major changes to administrative requirements, cost principles, and audit requirements, as well as major deadlines and what grantees and subgrantees need to do in response to these changes.

Over the course of the day, the workshop will explore the Super Circular in detail, including:

  • Changes to the structure of the OMB grants management guidance and the reasons behind the changes;
  • Differences between the existing and new administrative standards (including the new procurement and property management standards and changes to records retention requirements, closeouts and later adjustments, and funding source remedies);
  • Revisions to the cost principles (including changes to indirect costs and personnel costs);
  • Changes to the audit requirements under the OMB’s new Super Circular; and,
  • The compliance deadlines and other key dates under the Super Circular (Omnicircular).

This workshop will discuss these topics and more to provide attendees with the information needed not only to understand the new OMB Super Circular’s requirements but also the information necessary to make changes to their internal policies and procedures to remain in compliance with grant requirements.

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