Fundamentals of Head Start and Early Head Start Eligibility

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April 24, 2014 (Thursday)
2:00 P.M. EDT  /  1:00 P.M. CDT  /  12:00 P.M. MDT   /  11:00 A.M. PDT
2-Hour Live Webinar

Understanding and knowing how to apply the rules for eligibility are essential for every Head Start and Early Head Start program.  Ever since the Government Accountability Office reported the findings of its undercover investigation of Head Start eligibility and enrollment practices, compliance with ERSEA standards has taken on increased importance.  With the start of recompetition, compliance with eligibility standards has become even more important.

The Office of Head Start has increased monitoring of eligibility determinations and has released proposed revisions to the Head Start regulations to codify Head Start and Early Head Start eligibility requirements and to provide new rules for determining, verifying, and documenting eligibility for Head Start and Early Head Start.  These proposed new rules build on Program Instruction ACF-PI-HS-10-02, which addresses income eligibility for enrollment and reminds Head Start and Early Head Start programs that they “should provide annual training to employees responsible for determining and verifying income eligibility.”  This updated 2-hour webinar will explain the essential eligibility rules that all Head Start and Early Head Start agencies must know to ensure compliance with the program’s complex eligibility requirements and to avoid the consequences of violating the eligibility standards.

Participants will not only learn the rules for Head Start and Early Head Start eligibility but will have the opportunity to ask questions about eligibility requirements during the webinar.



Participants in the webinar will learn about the key rules for determining and documenting Head Start and Early Head Start eligibility, and those participants will:

  • Understand eligibility provisions of the Head Start Act, the current and proposed regulations, policy clarifications, and Program Instruction ACF-PI-HS-10-02;
  • Understand categorical eligibility requirements;
  • Learn about properly documenting eligibility and what is mandatory and what is voluntary;
  • Learn about proposed changes to the eligibility regulations;
  • Learn how to maintain compliance with Head Start eligibility requirements and avoid common mistakes; and,
  • Understand the consequences of violating the eligibility rules


The webinar is intended for ERSEA Staff, Eligibility Workers and Eligibility Managers, Head Start and Early Head Start Program Directors, Executive Directors, and Governing Body and Policy Council Members.


We suggest that organizations purchase a single registration and use this webinar as a group training event.  Participating in this webinar as a group using a single registration is easy:  Just gather all the participants from the organization in a central location and log-in from there.  Pricing is $189 per registration and includes the live event and access to the recorded, on-demand archive.


R. Brian Tipton is a practicing attorney with more than a decade’s experience working with nonprofits and grant-funded organizations across the United States.  Brian is a summa cum laude graduate of the Louisiana State University and the Cumberland School of Law of Samford University.  He regularly represents grant-funded entities (including Community Action Agencies and Head Start programs) in the areas of regulatory compliance, audits, funding source disputes, administrative appeals, and litigation.  Brian also consults with organizations on governance, human resources, programmatic, and corporate matters, and develops and presents training programs for nonprofits.

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