Avoiding Head Start Red Flags

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March 27, April 3, and April 17, 2014
2:00 P.M. EDT  /  1:00 P.M. CDT  /  12:00 P.M. MDT   /  11:00 A.M. PDT
3-Part Live Webinar Series (2-Hours Each)

Head Start and Early Head Start programs face the challenge of complying with complex requirements from the Head Start Act, the Head Start Performance Standards, and overarching grant management rules, while under increased scrutiny and heightened expectations from the Office of Head Start.  The 3-part webinar series “Avoiding Head Start Red Flags” will help Head Start and Early Head Start agencies spot key compliance issues or “red flags,” stay compliant with program requirements, meet the expectations of the Office of Head Start, and avoid findings and recompetition.  Each 2-hour webinar covers a different set of important “red flag” issues.  Register for individual webinars or receive a discount when registering for the entire 3-part series.


Avoiding Head Start Recompetition
March 27, 2014

Avoiding Head Start Fiscal Red Flags
April 3, 2014

Avoiding Head Start Human Resources Red Flags
April 17, 2014

Registration is available for the entire series at a discounted price as well as for the individual webinars.


MARCH 27, 2014

Head Start and Early Head Start agencies must meet complex program requirements.  Failure to meet the requirements of the Head Start Act, Performance Standards, or general grants management rules puts agencies at risk of deficiencies and automatic recompetition.  Our updated 2-hour “Avoiding Head Start Recompetition” webinar explains common “red flags” that reviewers, auditors, and the Office of Head Start look for when evaluating program compliance and quality and the major “red flag” areas associated with findings and recompetition.  The webinar will look at major Head Start and Early Head Start recompetition “red flag” issues, including: 

  • Center maintenance and repair issues;
  • Less-than-arms-length facilities leases;
  • Supervision and release of Head Start and Early Head Start children;
  • Effectiveness of program governance;
  • CLASS observation scores and recompetition; and,
  • On-going program and delegate monitoring.

This webinar will examine these and other common “red flags” for recompetition related to program design and management and service delivery.

APRIL 3, 2014

Head Start and Early Head Start agencies must comply with complex program requirements, including fiscal management standards.  Fiscal management issues are among the most common compliance problems that Head Start agencies face, and the same types of issues tend to be found across agencies.  Auditors, monitoring teams, and the Office of Head Start will often look for these fiscal “red flags” to make a quick determination of a program’s overall financial management and fiscal fitness.  This 2-hour webinar focuses on common fiscal “red flags” for Head Start and Early Head Start programs, including:

  • Audit quality and compliance with A-133 standards;
  • Cost allowability;
  • Non-federal share (matching);
  • Procurement issues;
  • Cost allocation and indirect cost rates;
  • Cost shifting (“loans” to other programs);
  • Property management;
  • Time and effort reporting; and,
  • Compliance with prior approval requirements.

This webinar will examine these and other common “red flags” related to Head Start and Early Head Start fiscal management to help programs identify and avoid these frequently encountered issues.

APRIL 17, 2014

In addition to complying with general laws applicable to all employers, Head Start and Early Head Start agencies must meet specific requirements of the Head Start Act and the Head Start Performance Standards concerning human resources management.  These requirements affect all phases of the human resources cycle for Head Start, from hiring to compensation to termination.  Human resources is also an area that has received increased monitoring attention in recent years.  This new 2-hour webinar will discuss the most common Head Start human resources “red flags,” those areas likely to cause problems for Head Start and Early Head Start programs.  Topics to be addressed include:

  • The role of the Governing Body (Board) and Policy Council in personnel decisions;
  • Background check requirements and recent guidelines for the use of criminal background checks;
  • Credentialing and educational requirements for Head Start staff and management;
  • Wage comparability requirements and salary cap restrictions;
  • Restrictions on political activities by Head Start and Early Head Start personnel;
  • Professional development standards; and,
  • Application of the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

The webinar will discuss these and other common “red flag” issues related to Head Start and Early Head Start human resources to help programs better identify and avoid potential problems.


Participants in the webinar series will learn about the major “red flags” commonly encountered by Head Start and Early Head Start programs, and participants will:

  • Understand the key compliance “red flags” for Head Start and Early Head Start programs;
  • Learn how to identify these “red flags” and similar issues within their own Head Start or Early Head Start program;
  • Understand the consequences of not timely and properly addressing these major “red flag” issues; and,
  • Learn how to minimize the risks associated with these “red flag” issues.


This series is intended for Executive Directors, Head Start and Early Head Start Program Directors, Fiscal Officers and Fiscal Management Staff, Human Resources Directors and Staff, Head Start and Early Head Start Managers and Staff, and Governing Body and Policy Council Members.


We suggest that organizations purchase a single registration and use the webinar as a group training event.  Participating in a webinar as a group using a single registration is easy:  Just gather all the participants from the organization in a central location and log-in from there.  Pricing for each individual webinar is just $189 per registration and includes the live event and access to the recorded, on-demand archive.  Save by registering for the whole 3-webinar series.  All 3 webinars in the “Avoiding Head Start Red Flags” series are available for a discounted price of just $399.


R. Brian Tipton is a practicing attorney with more than a decade’s experience working with nonprofits and grant-funded organizations across the United States.  Brian is a summa cum laude graduate of the Louisiana State University and the Cumberland School of Law of Samford University.  He regularly represents grant-funded entities (including Community Action Agencies and Head Start programs) in the areas of regulatory compliance, audits, funding source disputes, administrative appeals, and litigation.  Brian also consults with organizations on governance, human resources, programmatic, and corporate matters, and develops and presents training programs for nonprofits.

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